Team Members Pictured: Nena Evans, Kim Vanscoy, Susan Gately, Krista Debuhr, Steven Wyatt, Mayor Mark Simpson and Cache.  Not Pictured: Bret Stone, Eli Cranor, Dinah Lewis, Andrew Lewis.

The City of Clarksville was recognized on December 3, 2015, as a 2015 Emerging Community by the Arkansas Coalition for Obesity Prevention (ArCOP).   ArCOP’s mission is to improve the health of all Arkansas Communities by increasing physical activity and healthy eating to reduce and prevent obesity. 

Communities who receive the “Emerging” designation, are laying a strong foundation with a team of at least five individuals.

GHC teams are made up of diverse stakeholders who are interested in creating healthier communities: elected officials, fundraisers, community volunteers and professionals in education, health-care, civic government and more.