Welcome to Clarksville. Thank you for your interest in our city. Clarksville is a Great "Life" City. By "Life City" I mean it is a great place to live and raise a family. I am excited about the future of Clarksville and look forward to working with the city council and the citizens of Clarksville to build a strong and healthy community.

We are blessed to live in a city that provides all we need to live a comfortable, healthy and productive life. There are several industries in Clarksville that provide excellent employment opportunities. We have a great public school system as well as a highly ranked four year private university. We have medical facilities and excellent doctors to take care of our health needs. Clarksville has an abundance of recreational opportunities - fishing, boating, floating, water skiing, swimming, hiking, biking, camping and hunting. We are also fortunate to have several playgrounds, ball fields, soccer fields, gyms, indoor walking track, walking trails, bike trails, outdoor water park and an indoor pool. There are opportunities for all regardless of age or abilities.

I am committed to the belief that to be successful as a community, the residents of the community must be involved. I ask the citizens of Clarksville to join me in improving our neighborhoods, schools and our community as a whole. Together the sky is the limit.


  • Create a walkable city
  • Promote Economic Development
  • Provide transparency in government that encourages citizen participation
  • Develop an infrastructure to support growth
  • Promote a Healthy Citizenry through exercise and healthy eating
  • Promote low impact development


David Rieder
Clarksville Mayor